Posted on: May 29, 2008 11:32 am

Jim and Fonzy at Wrigley

 Well lets take a liitle trip down memory lane shall we.  One of my most recent blogs on May 18th I expressed how Kosuke Fuckudome and Jim Edmonds would be a nice little tandom in the outfeild at Wrigley.  With Kosuke staying red hot at the plate and with the leather. The Cubs are still rideing high atop first place in the N.L. Central Division.  Jim Edmonds is making some great catches in center feild, as I expected the gold glover to do but, when your 3-almost freakin 30 at the plate!. I mean seriously are your eyes going on you?  Or are the younger guys just throwing stuff that your poor eyes cant handle?  Who knows with Edmonds he was a great player with the Cards, and I know we are only paying him the league minimum but, I say send him down to the minors and bring up Micheal Howfpower, which is killing it down there.  I dont know Lou whats its going to be the old eyes or the young guns?  Or maybe you just to worried about Alfonsio Soriano being screamed profanity's at in left feild?  I think you should just let that one go seriously.  Us Chicagoins like to handle are matters with our baseball players how we see fit we dont need anybody telling us what to say and do.  Thats why we have the passion for the game.  Soriano will be fine he will heat up again, U can count on that.  Well until next time, PEACE.
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Posted on: May 19, 2008 12:12 pm

What a playoff series!

 So what does everyoen think about the current playoffs?  Pretty interesting if u ask me.  You have L.A. which is the hottest team in the league now even though they have injuries.  Detroit, champions twice in the last six years, Boston who everyone said would be the odds on favorite togo to the finals but, have had some hard time on the road in the playoffs this year.  Last but not least the final game before the elite four are locked.  The Spurs vs Hornets game 7 for the fourth and final spot.  I think the spurs are going to pull it off just becuase they have the experience.  Even though Chris Paul and the Hornets have the speed and quickness, I think Duncan and Ginobli will pull this one out.  Well thats all for now until after the game until then.....
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Posted on: May 18, 2008 8:48 am

The Chicago Cubs

Well another year, another blog.  Its baseball season ladies and gentlemen, and our beloved Chicago Cubs are playing like we had all hoped they would.  With key additions in the off season and a bullpen with stamina and desire we are looking the cubs of old.  With Kosuke Fuckudome and now Jim Edmonds (which should be another key addition).  We have a sturdy line-up with power, speed, and heart.  One thing that we have been able to do that I havent seen in a long time is take pitches.  For the last two years i have always wondered why our players didnt take more pitches?  For instance, If we have our 9,1,2, hitters come up 2 plate why the 1,2 hitters would always swing at the first pitch?  We also have a great hitting pitching staff.  Also I would like to say thanks to all my other Cub fans around the world.  With our attendence reaching over one million already this year with 50 games still left to play at home, we have been averaging about 40,000 people per game this year at home which is a franchise record.  So once gaain thank you Cub fans.  Well thats all for now go Cubs and lets take it all and prove all the haters wrong.
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